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December Report Card

1. Move house

This I did somewhat successfully. I have moved everything, but due to NTE and then going home for Christmas nothing is unpacked. In fact, I had to pack for home from the unpacked boxes, so when I get back… there will be a lot of work to do. So…


2. Attend the AFES National Training Event (NTE)

I did this! I was proud of myself. I am not one for crowds or lots of new people, so the concept of a conference was… daunting to say the least. But I managed to do it, and only skipped one session. The talks were great, and I even talked to people, so…


3. Christmas Baking




I made a gingerbread castle (above), chocolate fudge cake, chai truffles and coconut lime bars

I didn’t get around to making cookies though, so…


4. Timely gift buying


5. Read 10 books

eek. This goal was hard to complete. I thought I would have much more free time then I ended up with.

I read:

1. Bitterblue

Bitterblue was an amazing book. Really hard to read at times, because the situation seemed so hopeless. It was definitely one of my favourite reads of 2012 though.

2. Devil’s Cub

3. The Black Moth

Georgette Heyer is the best.

4. Palace of Stone

Shannon Hale is one of my favourite writers, and I adored this book.

5. Crown of Embers


In Progress:

1. Discipline: The Glad Surrender

2. Zombie Economics


My Strand group at NTE were doing an exegesis of a passage in 1 Peter so I read that like a million times so it sort of counts…


Overall… December was a busy month, much more then I had expected. But I think I did pretty well considering.


Inspired by Kelli


December Goals

1. Move house.

2. Attend NTE

3. Christmas Baking

4. Timely gift buying

5. Read 10 books


Inspired by Kelli